Attorney Jerry Farrell, Jr.
Attorney Jerry Farrell, Jr.

State and federal laws governing the sale and service of alcohol are complex.

For those already in the liquor-related businesses, or those thinking of entering the industry, it is essential to learn the key things which one must know to be legally in compliance with the law.

Founded by Attorney Jerry Farrell, Jr., who served as Chairman of the Connecticut Liquor Control Commission, CT Liquor Law Education Services offers courses tailored to your needs.

Our premier course, certified by the Liquor Control Commission is our Alcohol Seller & Server Training. We are proud that our Alcohol Seller & Server Training course was the first server training course to be approved and certified by the state of Connecticut since the law passed in 2008. In the event of administrative action for alleged violations by a liquor establishment, the Liquor Control Commission can now require attendance at our course as one of the tools in its toolbox instead of permit suspension or revocation.

Many businesses also choose to have their staff take our Alcohol Seller & Server Training course in a proactive manner before any violations occur.

In addition to our premier course, we can provide training and education to you and your staff in tailor-made courses, teaching those topics that are of most importance to you and your establishment and focusing on the areas you feel are most relevant to your business. Our personalized courses range from one hour to six hours.